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General Code
1. ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl is the service of the Internet free advertisements which are added to the service after the page Administrator acceptance.
a). Obtaining the contact data to an advertisement is payable and current price is always indicated under the advertisement.
2. When a user enters its data to the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service store He states He is familiarized with below indicated Regulations and to observe them,
3. When a personal data are entered to the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service it means the user accepts to publish such data by the Internet network. Entering such data is voluntary,
4. The user who enters his data is agree to collect, fix, store, develop, change, make available and elaborate its personal data made available by the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl
5. Only adults are authorized to use the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service.
Intellectual property
 6. The content of the Internet pages is a subject of the copyright as indicated by adequate rulesof law dated 4th February, 1994, refer to the copyright and similar rights (published in the GovermentRegulations and Laws Gazette No.80 Of 2000 Year, item 904, with laterchanges). The copyright related to the material content indicated on the Internet pages are exclusiv to the owner of www.ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl
7. Any multi-playing, include copy, usage and other pulishing of the above indicatedmaterial need the written acceptance of the www.ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl owner, under the invalidaly discipline.
Formal-legal restrictions
8. When an advertisements are entered to the Internet service, ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl is free purchasing the rights to develop, usage anddistribution of the entered advertisements.
9. The services of ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl do not take prt in transactions between the market participants who use our sources. Total liability resulted with information usage indicated on our pages is attributed to the service user. ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl is not the offerer,but only show/display information refer to the offers and offerers. The content of offers included on the www.ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl are only of international nature and cannot be treated as a trade offer.
10. Information presented on the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service maybe only and exclusive used to the aim according to the laws. Content of such out-of-legal advertisements and all necessary information need to localize such person will be transferred to the appropriate law enforcement bodies.
11. Presentation, transsmision, disclosure and storage in the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service the content or material incompatible with Polish or International law is forbidden. We understandby it, among the others,patent rights under protection, obscenic, offensive material, and also material refer to the privacyviolate, to incite racial hatred, ethnic, religions, other to propagate violence or incompatiblewth a general accepted ethic rules.
12. When a dispute arise between the transaction participants, with the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl has mediated, we reserve our right do not participate in such dispute.
Transfer of liability
13. The ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl do not held any liability for:
a). content of advertisements and links to sources included in the advertisement content,
b). entering by users data incompatible, with true data or to enter a false data,
c). what is a method or aims to apply data entered in the ElektrownieWiatrowe.pl service,
d). service functioning and complications due to it.
14. We reserve our right to:
a). remove advertisements incompatible to law or this Regulations,
b). modification of this Regulations,
c). temporary break of the server working,
d). change of charges amount.

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